Dunda Pool

ADA Staking Down Under

What is staking?

Dunda Stake Pool

Ticker: DUNDA
Pool ID: 05554f57e536471b5c0185ec772998d6dba17fb7f54b148742130bb0
Pool margin: Variable 1.5%
Pledge: 5,000 ADA
Cost per epoch: 340 ADA

Delegate Your ADA

  1. Exchange USD for ADA on Binance
  2. Download Daedalus Wallet
  3. Create a Wallet & Transfer ADA into it
  4. Find DUNDA Stake Pool and Delegate your ADA
  5. 2 Epochs (current and next) pass before you are eligible for Rewards

Staking Down Under

Dunda stake pool is founded, operated, and maintained by professional software engineers in the enterprise computer networking industry in Queensland, Australia.

Third Generation Blockchain

Cardano is described as a third generation blockchain platform that's goal is to significantly improve the shortcomings of the first generation, Bitcoin, and the second generation, Ethereum, including smart contracts.

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